Currently in between a lot of fandoms
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1. your name.2. your url.3. your blog title.4. favorite color?5. your crush(es)?6. write something in caps.7. favorite band/artist?8. favorite number?9. favorite drink?10. tag ten people (…nah son).

tagged by flirtatioushairflipping-taq.

1. your name.
2. your url.
3. your blog title.
4. favorite color?
5. your crush(es)?
6. write something in caps.
7. favorite band/artist?
8. favorite number?
9. favorite drink?
10. tag ten people (…nah son).



Everyone promises you happily ever after…but life turns into a different kind of fairy tale.

bruh best movie ever

gay update: still gay


Got a sidecut!

i am in love